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Is Your Contractor Licensed?

Check the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs Website

Search Electrical Contractor License by Name or by Business Name

* From the drop down menu choose the type of business and choose "Electrical Contractor" or you may choose another business, i.e. "Home Improvement Contractors" or search a person by name.

What You Need To Know as a Consumer

Having an electrical license does not make a person an electrical contractor. An electrical contractor must possess a valid electrical license, electrical business permit with pressure seal for filing permits, and liability insurance.

  1. It is a criminal offense to represent one's self as an electrical contractor without a valid electrical license.

  2. Beware of contractors that may sub-contract your electrical work to others. Always ask for the name of the company owner. That person or a partner must possess the electrical license & business permit.

  3. Beware of contractors that do not have "Electric" or Electrical" in the name of the company as is required by law to be an electrical contractor.

  4. Electrical contractors must have all information including business name, address, and business permit number on all documentation, i.e. business cards, letter heads.

  5. Beware of contractors that have no signage on their vehicles. Vehicles must include the name of the company, township or city where the office is located, telephone number and electrical license/business permit number.

  6. Beware of contractors that ask you as homeowner to file an electrical permit. It is illegal for an electrical contractor to work under an electrical permit filed by the homeowner as the electrical contractor.

Refer all questions regarding construction permits to your local building dept. or construction office. The owner of the property is responsible for checking to see that permits have been filed & displayed in a conspicuous location throughout the entire job.

Contact The NJ Department of Consumer Affairs with any questions or to file a complaint on any licensed professional below.

Service professionals are licensed by the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs in Newark, NJ. Inspectors and building code officials are licensed by the NJ Department of Community Affairs in Trenton. There is a lot of useful information at their website here - NJ Dept. of Community Affairs (The other DCA)

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