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This page is a link to the Department of Community Affairs in Trenton. The DCA, should not to be confused with the other DCA, The Dept. of Consumer Affairs in Newark. The Dept. of Consumer Affairs in Newark oversees the needs of consumers and the licensing of professionals and businesses. The DCA in Trenton oversees communities, inspectors, building and code enforcement rules and regulations and much, much more. They ARE the law.

Their website has a lot of very useful information in regards to construction and renovation codes and standards. The site has an enormous amount of information so I will limit my links to the ones that I think will be most useful to us as home, property and business owners.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

Construction Permits *The local building dept. has their own but should accept these as long as you make copies and the copies are sealed with pressure seals from those who are required to use them, i.e. plumbers and electricians.

*You as a homeowner are allowed to do your own electrical work providing it is a single family dwelling and you get the proper permits and inspections. You would just fill out the electrical permit as the contractor and owner of the property.

*A licensed electrical contractor is not allowed by law to work under an electrical permit filed by the homeowner as the contractor. They are required to file a "change of contractor" if they are taking over the job or if it is started by you or another entity.

Code Assistance - The Code Assistance Unit answers questions you may have regarding code enforcement rules and regulations.

Publications - Division of Codes and Standards' publications.

Uniform Construction Code This book is specific to NJ in construction and is an administrative code covering many of the residential, commercial and tenant space building codes. Included are the Barrier Free (access for people with disabilities) and the Rehabilitation (Rehab Code) sub codes.

Services A lot of useful information and links here for the homeowner, business owner, landlord and tenant.

DCA Contact Page - List of contacts, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

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